PREG-COV Milton Keynes University Hospital


Unfortunately we can’t consider you for this trial until you have read the participant information sheet provided at:
Please read the sheet and then resume this questionnaire if you are still interested in participating in the trial


Thank you for your responses. You may be eligible to participate in this trial. Please proceed to the next section where we will ask for your consent to record more medical information.


Thank you for your interest in the trial. To manage the risks of COVID-19 we are trying to minimise the time volunteers spend at our screening visits. To help with this, we would like to gather information about your medical history here. This will be used to help decide if you are eligible to take part in the trial. Giving your consent means that you are happy for us to store and use your personal information for the purposes of this trial. Information will be stored in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act.


We would also like to have the option of contacting your GP if there is any information about your medical history that we need to clarify. We would also contact them to let them know you are in the trial should you be enrolled, and we would want to keep them updated (if needed) about your health during the trial. We would need your consent to do this.


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to join this trial. Your data has not been stored.


Thank you for your interest in joining this study. We may be in touch to discuss further arrangements with you. Please note that we often receive a high volume of responses, and not all people who respond will be able to join the study.

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