Burden of RSV Disease

Some facts about RSV disease (respiratory syncytial virus):

RSV is a virus;

  • it causes coughs, colds and chest infections
  • is responsible for around 1 in 6 hospital admissions for infants  in the UK
  • The second largest worldwide cause of deaths in children between one month and 1 year of age, most are in Asia and Africa

What do we want to do?

We would like to identify 2000 babies from birth and follow them up to see if any become unwell with RSV disease

What do we need you to do?

  • When your baby is born we would ask you to complete a questionnaire and answer some questions about your health
  • Some babies may have samples taken; swabs of their nose and throat, a small amount of blood  and a urine and stool (poo) sample from their nappy
  • We would phone you either weekly during the winter or once a year to see how your baby is
  • We would follow some babies for 1 year and some babies for up to 3 years


If you are due to have your baby soon or if your baby was born less than 7 days ago and you are interested in hearing more about this study, please read Study Information Booklet  Active , Study Information Booklet Passive  and contact the study team;

Burden of RSV disease, Paediatrics Research Team

Tel: 01865 231729

Email: childrensresearch@paediatrics.ox.ac.uk

Or Email: resceu@ovg.ox.ac.uk